It’s gotta be me


2017        Uprootedness, 310 NXRd, London, United Kingdom

The artistic research project, it’s gotta be me, has been produced to make it inside the creative industry in London. The short movie it self mimics the house style of the Advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi, the agency behind the slogan and poster “Labour isn’t working” for the conservative party in 1979. It’s gotta be me has turned van Putten, into in an advertisement which has been send around creative agencies in London, to persuade agencies to offer van Putten a working spot within their business.

With success the pr-agency Hello-unity, was the first to offer him a spot. Here he could research the different cultural and visual codes used within a promotion campaign for facebook.

Roel van Putten©   52’23’06.21” N - 4’53’07.06” E