About me

The notion of otherness is central to my research as an artist. The idea to be “different” or to be labelled “different”, is a fundamental part within my practise. It fascinates me that materiality, commodification, and social norms all together form a general cultural code to which we try position ourselves within the world we live in.

My work explores how to position yourself in a contemporary society that is in a constant flux, in which cultural borders are slowly dissolving, being reinvented or are getting intervolved with each other. Within the work there is a constant dialogue between socially accepted cultural codes and the codes we still experience as problematic. My interest as an artist lies within the grey area, the raw edges combined with a more globalist society.

By tracing these threats, I try to develop works, that play with human emotions, humour, and a nearly childish nativity that softly touches upon an obscure view of the world. These works are constructed out of symbols and a visual language I borrow, copy and reinvent from out media, the creative industry and other artists. By doing so the work tries to be an exploration of a world in which knowledge, perception and culture, the rational and the unexplainable intertwine with each other.


Roel van Putten©   52’23’06.21” N - 4’53’07.06” E